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tv   [untitled]    February 11, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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the sober muni shelter is. more recently, and i suspect that you saw the piece that heather holmes did relative to the effort to deal with illegal taxiand limo service, there are aside from the efforts of individuals who engage in entrepreneurial activities there are crimes associated with the unregulated, illegal, taxi and limos and those are the issues that we are concerned about, so as a result, we run these operations on the monthly basis, with personnel from mta as well. so this just to provide you with a snapshot of some of the things that we are going to keep muni safe and to make our city safer. >> thank you very much commander. >> if there are know questions we will move on to the district attorney office. so thank you. >> thank you very much to the presentation. >> we are joined bashar on wu
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from the da's office and welcome. and you can stand at the lectern. thank you very much. >> we are sort of an end user of the criminal justice system and so i am here to give you some information about the current state of these cases in the criminal justice system. our numbers but we are doing pro-active work and i think that supervisor weiner you mentioned that and describe briefly what the efforts are. currently in the adult system and the criminal justice system we have 220 open robbery cases which involve thefts of cell phones. and those are a combination of robberies, where property is taken and among the property are cell phones and also include what we have typically been calling here today, the grabbing of the cell phone, out of someone's hand while they are using it or texting on it.
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in juvenile we have seen a market increase of the filings of these types of offenses. we have 193 open juvenile cases that involve the theft of cell phones. i believe that supervisor mar you had a question earlier about the difference between larceny and robbery. there was a recent case about two years ago that talked about the necessary force to remove an item from a person. and the specific case described as basically a cell phone robbery, someone taking something from somebody's hand. and that case, indicated that the simple taking of an item from somebody's hand is not more force than is necessary to complete other types theft from the person. and therefore, this type of snatch and grab robbery is considered a grand theft from the person, not a robbery and so we have seen actually a market increase in grand theft from the persons that were
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currently charging. the difference is a robbery is a serious felony and a grand theft is 1170 h, a realignment eligible offense and so there is a market difference between the punishment for each one of those offense and what we look at when the sfpd brings us cases is the amount of force that is necessary to effect the taking of the property. and we looked at that very closely because we want to make sure that we are charging the right offenses. >> so in terms of that distinction that you just grew between a more violent forceful event which would be a robbery, and something where the person is still taking it from someone's person. but they are grabbing it from their hand. or whatever, and that is a grand theft and you said that it is realignment eligible. does that person how likely is
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that person to spend any time incarcerated for having done that? >> there is a great likelihood that they will spend time in custody, the difference would be in local jail or in state prison. they are not eligible any longer but therecy three-year top in local and often times they do spend a lot of time in local custody and find themselves on supervise to our local probation department. >> thank you. >> i will say that every case at the sfpd bring us we do charge a number of these. as the police department described to you the efforts thater exerting to be able to do these operations we work closely with them to make sure that we are involved and we know when the operations are
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happening and we know when the cases are going to be coming to the office but proactively we are doing is working with both our neighborhood prosecutors and community, liaison to reach out to the community because as all of the supervisors have noted the biggest fight and the biggest protection that we have is the education. my husband tells me don't talk on the phone as you are walking stop texting while you are walking because that makes you vulnerable especially in a robbery, especially in these snatch and grabs and we are involved in public announcements as well and we are currently working and you brought this up briefly and we are in the early stages of talking with the cell phone industry to work to discuss technology and ways that we can make this a much less attractive option in terms of theft. we have commitment from at&t in
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california, specifically but we are trying to gather the other cell phone operations companies to work with us to at least make these phones inoperatable and therefore not valuable on the street level. i would note that sfpd did the operation in terms of a defensing operation, supervisor campos you talked about the operation serng a large scale operation where much of the property seized was electronic including cell phones, pdas and tablets so that i think we are working very closely with them to make sure that the people that we catch who are responsible for these crimes are held accountable and take responsibility for it. >> thank you, miss wu. >> colleagues, are there any more? >> i was just going to ask a similar question with ethic and
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demographic data on victims and perpetrators that you have. is there any age or ethnicity that you see of perpetrators are victims? >> we have not looked closely at that. but i will in speaking with the head of our juvenile division that there is a larger percentage of robbery cases cell phone robbery cases where some juvenile are perpetrators i don't know if that has to do with the timing issue in terms of what commander ali was saying, the time that offenses are taking place in muni and in around and i don't know in that is correlation or not, but we will look into the dem graphics to see if we can come up with any friends at all. especially of course, of the people that we were prosecuting. and we will get back to you on that. >> thank you. >> so at this point, we are done with our presentation and we will open it up to public
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comment. >> mr. chairman, i don't have any public comment cards, but if anyone would like to make public command they can approach. >> is there any public? >> could we close seeing none. >> public comment is closed of >> so i want to thanks the departments for coming out today. i think that this was actually very helpful in terms of understanding the statistics and the strategies and i think that the goal, of course, is for the law enforcement but also for the public to understand the scope of the issue and how we can all, protect ourselves and it is something that we can work on together and to monitor closely and i want to thank everyone for participating. >> great. thank you. supervisor weiner and i don't know, if you want to file this? >> you will call a chair? >> okay. >> i do think that it is important for us to continue to monitor this situation.
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and i would love the opportunity to come back, perhaps, in a couple of months or three months to see where things are. and i want to thank all of the people who presented, all of the law enforcement partners for the work that they are doing and hopefully we will have you know, a better educated public around these issues. so again, thank you for the presentation, so colleagues could we have a motion to continue? >> a motion by supervisor mar, if we could take that without objection? >> thank you, colleagues. >> thank you. >> mr. clerk, if you could please call item number one >> item number one, a hearing to receive a briefing on the san francisco public safety conditions on the san francisco police department or the mayor's office of criminal justice. >> this is an item that is usually introduced by the chair of the public safety committee. and it is an ongoing discussion about crime trends, city-wide
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and so we will make a point of in future meetings when this issue is discussed this will be the beginning of the meeting so that we have some context for the things that we are talking about. again we want to thank the police department for being here, commander? >> thank you, supervisor, if you allow me a few minutes to get the powerpoint up. so the crime trends that i have and i will present you with statistics and broken down by police dikts. some of these i discussed already in the earlier with robberies but over all, if you look at the city wide crime statistics for this, period which runs from december 23rd to january 19th, there is an increase in robberies, compared the year to date statistics from 2013 to 2012, again, there is a ten percent increase in
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robberies, and also, if you look in the property crimes there is an increase as well. this was the holiday season and during the holiday season, you had the individuals who leave their goods in the vehicles. and due to the invaoes. moving down to central station, the over allpro file that you could see, that, there was no change in homicides. there was an increase 100 percent increase although, it is just, a one crime, but, the one crime is one too many, but there was an increase in rapes, robberies in the central were
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down. >> if there is data or information that we can get for a couple of days before so we will have an opportunity to review it and ask the questions. but thank you. >> proceed. >> okay. >> and just, on the side note, this data is publicly available, it is on the department's web page under the com stat data information and so they can review this and the members of the community can review this data as well. so you can see that there was increase in the property crime for the year to date, 2013 verses 2012. southern station, the
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homicides, the violent crimes and the homicide and the rates are down and so are the aggravated asults and there was an increase and the other crimes burglary, auto theft. etc.. bay view station, there was an increase in no increase in homicides from this year, the same time last year. again, you could see the percentage increase from rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults. year to date there were two rapes this year compared with none last year and there were no homicide in the mission year to date but again, the robberies in the mission dropped and so did aggravated assaults.
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>> northern station, there was one homicide. >> oh, and the homicide, and earlier this year. and we did make an arrest in that case. so that case the investigation continues, but the person responsible for that has been ap-rehended. and the robberies in the north dropped 10 percent for this time frame compared to last year. >> park station they had a downward trend in all violent crimes, rapes are down 100 percent and robberies are down 67 percent and the aggravated assaults are down 67 percent. and richmond station. and they have only logged that, and that is eight compared to 5, compared to last year.
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and again, this is a trend that we talked about earlier robberies in the increase and had a 16 percent increase, and a 6 percent increase, 19 this year compared to the same time frame. 18 last year. experienced a 14 percent increase in robberies during the same time as compared to last year. in summary, the homicide city-wide, there is no change, rapes are down 36 percent and robberies are up ten percent from the year to date compared to last year for a total of 17, aggravated assaults are down 9 percent and property crimes are up a locality of the crime fighting strategies and i don't know if the committee would
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like me to cover these or you are satisfied from the responses from earlier? >> i think that we are fine for now. >> okay. >> and the colleagues can ask the questions and just proceed. >> any questions? >> okay. >> that concludes my presentation. >> great. thank you, very much commander. colleagues any questions? >> i guess that i would ask a general question, in terms of city-wide, i mean, where do you see things in terms of public safety right now, are there specific trends? you know we talked earlier
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about the increase number of robberies, do you see anything else happening that we should be aware of? >> no, i am sure that as many as the members of the committee are aware as well as the community. we did have a slight increase in gang shootings last summer, which, we addressed in august, that trend, i am happy to report that we did not record any homicides in the month of august due to a lot of the strategies that we discussed earlier. but lately it seems like the robberies have been an issue and we have the strategies in place to address those robberies. >> okay, thank you very much. commander. >> sure. >> unless there are any questions, why don't we open it up to public comment. is there any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> and so, this will be an ongoing item, so should i continue it to the call of the chair? >> yes. >> so we have a motion by
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supervisor mar to continue to the call of the chair. seconded by supervisor yee, without objection. thank you. >> mr. clerk if you could please call item number three. >> yes, a hearing to consider the transfer of a type 21 off-sale general license from 345 eddy street to 135 powell street to daniel kramer for wal greens. >> great. >> is anyone here on this item? >> if you could please come forward. >> good morning, supervisors, community and my name is inspector rich van coal representing the san francisco police department. i was under i believe that we are continuing this, but the sfpd is ready to proceed if that is necessary. >> good morning, supervisors my name is katy and i am here on
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behalf of walgreens, we would like to request that this item be continued until the next hearing, the 21st because we found out about this item this week and that did not give time for the walgreens representatives who would like to be here to attend this meeting. this is in regards to their flag ship store, the third such store in the country and we would like to be here to tell you more about it. >> okay. >> i know that supervisor kim, the district supervisor has she in her office have made effort to reach out to the applicant and you know, unfortunately it seems there there has not been the desire of response, so hopefully between now and the time that this comes back and if we decide to continue it, that you know, it would be out reached to the supervisor's office. >> okay. >> if i may, we have met with
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supervisor kim's office but we will be in touch to make sure that any other questions or concerned that you have may be addressed. >> okay. >> before we take any action, why don't we move up to public comment, is there any member of the public who would like to speak on item number three? please come forward. >> first, my name is john nolty and i am a long term, and i am a native san franciscoan and walgreens has a monopoly on pharmacis in san francisco and have killed the mom and pops. i am concerned about the continuance that does not help the community or any organizations that is opposed to it or or for. they have known about had application, if you look at your packet this has been ongoing, the dates in which the emilie they have had this, in front of your committee has
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gone almost, eight months. so, therefore, continuing it, i don't think that it is wise. it should be here like the officer said. he is ready to proceed. >> i don't think that anything will change in their presentation because it is all hype. now, getting to the pictures of walgreens could i have the overhead? >> this is walgreens. and in this item right here, we have the person in front of it and we see the garage cans taking up the space in front of their location. and the above lories this is open space, we just lost open space. i don't know if you understand about open space, but we are never going to get that back and those are umbrellas and that is wait that restaurant above them was functioning with open space.
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and our neighborhood does not have as limited on open space. and then, here is another picture of walgreens, this shows them congregating in front of their property, it shows, again, another panhandling going on. and then, this picture shows their truck unloading taking over half of the sidewalk for pedestrians. this is a major corridor, this is powell street. you know? this is the tourist part of the city. and you are taking up all of this space. and then, here is another picture of walgreens. we have graffiti, on their property. right here and then you have another panhandler. and then you have all of this mess right here again, on the sidewalk. so, i'm concerned about how they are not even taking care of their property that they
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have had there for over 20 years. and how it is effecting our neighborhood. thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please? >> they are both working? >> okay, my name is michael nolty and i am the director of alliance 66 and it is a district-wide improvement organization that addresses land use, and public safety concerns. currently there are over, could i have the overhead? >> currently there are over, overhead, please? somewhere?
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currently there are over 800 liquor licenses in san francisco. and i consider that an over concentration and adding and if you see all of these dots, this is downtown where they are going to have their store. recently our membership, i surveyed our membership and public safety was our top priority. and there are many reasons why the community feels that the license will not service the convenience of the community and the list is 22, reasons that have been given to you. and i just a brief list. and the community is saying enough is enough. you know, when could i have the overhead? >> when walgreens posted back
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in march of 2012, they notified the community that they were going to have a liquor license at 135 powell. the reality is not just there but also 149 powell because they are taking over lories. the neighbors did not know that there was going to be a super store at the time of posting. we also question the proper posting of the notice. walgreens says in the packet that you have gotten from them that they are only going to be getting three percent of their sales will be coming from alcohol. well, do they really need three percent extra income from alcohol? so. there is just many concerns, they were not addressed in the community out reach meetings that took place long after the
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post this posting took place at on the window so the community did not know at the time that was going to happen at the site and it is time for the citizens to are heard and enough is enough as far as alcohol licenses. okay? thank you. >> thank you very much. >> is there any other member of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. and let me just go back to a comment that i made earlier. i just realized that the item that we are talking about is a district three item and so my reference was involved in six and so i apologize to the applicant for any negative inference in my comments. my understanding is that a request for a continuance, i have not heard anything from the district supervisor in
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terms of you know being against the request. i understand from public comment that there is, you know, there are some legitimate concerns here. so, colleagues? i don't know if there is any motion? >> i just have a question and i appreciate the letter from the alliance for a better district six and mr. nolty, both their comments and i share concerns about the over abundance of liquor licenses in that area of the city especially around the tender loin and i see that in the abc record that there is a number of other letters of protest and i am wondering if we could have a summary of if they are smaller businesses. do we have a sense of the letters of protest? i think that there are 14 letters of support and a handful of letters of protest. but do you have a gist of what those protests were?
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>> as you corrected stated there are recorded 14 letters of support for abc and for recorded letters of opposition to the abc. i don't have those letters in front of me, but they all seem to have the same theme as you brought up as the over
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saturation as well as a high crime plot area. >> and i do see the conditions recommended by you and and the department, that limits the hours required for clean up and minimizing the nuisance and i sigh those as well and your recommendation is to approve so this is very helpful. is there a way for us to access those letters of protest before those hearing happen? if they could be placed in the packet or a way for us to easily scan them before these meetings? >> yes, i will have those for you at the next meeting. >> thank you. >> okay. great. colleagues? any comments or any other questions? i know that there has been a


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